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As a plant based cosmetics business, we are inspired by the power of nature! Our goal is to meet today's needs by caring about tomorrow's ones!

Our products are waterless, which means that they are more concentrated and therefore, more potent! Our mission is to provide natural cosmetics with concentrated botanical extracts to feed and nourish your skin and hair, at the same time that we are playing a huge part in saving our planet.

Read more about our Climate Positive Workforce here!

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Buy a product and plant a TREE!

We will plant a Tree for every product you buy. HOW?

In partenrship with Ecologi, we have been supporting Climate Positive Projects and planting Trees in different parts of the world.

When you buy one of our products, you are helping us taking care of our planet, our home!

The pictures below are from Eden Reforestation and Ecologi projects that we are supporting, in Mozambique, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia and Madagascar.

You can visit our PROFILE to learn more about these projects.