DIY - Product Makers

Welcome to Amir Cosmetics Product Makers 

Have you used our products before?

Our creams, body butters, face toners, face scrubs, beard products, hair creams, shampoo, hair mask, conditoner, oils? 

Unfortunately, they are no longer available, we have changed to 100% sustainable cosmetics, leaving 90% of those products behind! 

But don't be sad! You can still use those amazing products, you just have to make them yourself! 

Adiato has launched a book containing formulations for all of those products, you can easily recreate them by following the well-written procedures. 

Now you're probably wondering, and where will I get the ingredients and equipment to make the products? 


We have teamed up with an amazing supplier (which is our own supplier) to provide you with the best ingredients. This is the only way that we can be sure that you will make a product with the same quality that you are used to.

Use this link to purchase Natural and Organic ingredients from The Soapery. 

Please note that this is an affiliate link, if you end up buying anything, we might get a commission.

Now, where is the Formulation Book? 

Right here! 

What about Lab Equipment? 

Right here!

Purchase your book, get your homemade lab equipment, and enjoy it!