Formulating cosmetics has been an amazing adventure for me.

I have started making my skin and hair care products, and when I started to give some to friends and family, people started to ask for more.

Amir Cosmetics was officially born in 2019, with amazing skin and hair care products formulated by myself, specifically to meet the needs of a 4 hair type and black skin problems.

Due to changes in my personal life and the market (Brexit), I have decided to rebrand Amir Cosmetics.

The new mission is to provide natural cosmetics with concentrated botanical extracts to feed and nourish your skin and hair, at the same time that we are playing a huge part in saving our planet.

Amir Cosmetics is now a Climate Positive Business, which means that we are going a step further than Carbon Neutral, by saving more greenhouse gas emissions than we are generating.

In partnership with Ecologi, Amir Cosmetics has been supporting Climate Projects with direct impact on our planet.


In the book "NATURAL COSMETICS. AMIR COSMETICS PRODUCTS BY ADIATO BALDE", you will find formulations of the entire skin and hair care products that I have ever formulated for Amir Cosmetics.

I am also offering you for FREE my "NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS - RECIPE BOOK" so you can practice more!

I decided to share these amazing formulas with the world, so people can still use the products, considering that Amir Cosmetics won't be selling them anymore.

Whatever skin type you are in, there is a solution for your problems.

If your hair is type 4 (A, B or C), the haircare range presented here will make your life easier.

With love,

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