About Us

We are a Climate Positive Company created by two sisters, Adiato and Maco. 

Our mission is to help you by providing natural cosmetic ingredients with concentrated botanical extracts, at the same time that we are playing a huge part in saving our planet.

We believe that “Using natural cosmetics has a direct impact in our health and our ecosystem. We should all embrace the power of nature, protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our planet.” 



If you are a conscious consumer, it means that you care about what you put in (and outside) your body. 

The ingredients shared here are in accordance with the EU/UK Cosmetic Regulation, making sure they will be safe for human use. 


Professional Memberships

  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society

  • TOPRA - the professional membership organisation for individuals working in Healthcare Regulatory Affairs

  • Cosmetics Consultants Europe

  • Chemical Hazards Communication Society

  • Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers - a non-commercial peer support network which provides information and guidelines about handmade soap crafting and the EU legislation that regulates the cosmetics and toiletries industry.