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Natural Skincare Products - Recipe Book

Natural Skincare Products - Recipe Book

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Natural and Organic Skincare has become one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry over the last couple of years. The rise of health and fitness movements, the access to information about the ingredients that cosmetics products include, the rise of environment and planet protection movements, made people start to question what they are putting in their bodies.

This forced traditional companies to create skincare products that were free from harmful and toxic chemicals. People started to understand that for us to stay healthy, we need to protect ourselves and the environment, and we are now all looking for a better health and a better world.

We cannot talk about this subject without including the power of social media. Access to Technology, the increased number of social media influencers and beauty bloggers claiming “clean beauty” has a big hand in this process.

The online sector has created different types of consumers, people can now find so many different varieties that are not available in stores and supermarkets, E-commerce has changed the way people look and think about shopping.

Alongside with this consciousness growth, people also start to create interest in natural cosmetics formulation. Following DIY (Do It Yourself) recipes has become a trend, it is all over YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

Following recipes online might be funny and can help people build their confidence. However, there is a hidden danger. Most of the content that are available online have been posted by people who do not have the science knowledge and experience to create stable and safe cosmetics.

The recipes shared in this book are not like many others that are found online. The goal here is to give you stable and safe formulations that work and deliver great values, and to allow you to practice and start creating your own products. The recipes are simple, a great guide for someone that is starting and a step forward for someone that has been practicing already and needs some improvements. 

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Customer Reviews

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Antonieta Lama
Simplesmente incrível

Ainda não fiz nenhuma em prática, mas gostei bastante dos conteúdos. Recomendo o livro

Maria Fortes

Very useful book.

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